Taman Safari

Taman safari is a very significant landmark in the Puncak Bogor area. Every year there are numerous tourist visiting it.

Location & Direction

Taman Safari Indonesia is about 75 kilometers away from Jakarta. It roughly takes about one hour and fourty minutes if you go by the highway. After you exit the toll ciawi, go along the Jalan Puncak Raya for about 10 kilometers, then you will see on your right hand side, there is a big safari billboard with some animal statue below, such as panda, zebra, giraff, then you turn right. Then follow the sign along the way, continue driving for another 2.5 kilometers then you’ll reach your destination, Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor. Taman safari Latitude and longitude coordinates are: -6.709569, 106.945984. The weathr here is whole year round cooling, around 16 to 24 celcius, which is very suitable for the animals to dwell there.


Taman safari started building their first buidling in 1980s, not only do they have the zoo area, they also have the hotel area. When they started, they started at from 25,000 square meter, today the total area is 1,680,000 square meter. So the area has grown 67 times.

Activity / Service

There are quite a number of activities you can do inside the taman safari, firstly is the outdoor zoo, you can drive your car at a leisurely speed and passing by the animals slowly. There is a exhibition about the panda. Thre is a theater where you can watch the documentry about the panda. You can also try to take a ride on the camal. You can also feed the animals. In the evening, there is wild hunter show & firedance.

Website & Contact No & Social Media

Typically there are 3000 visitors per day at the Taman Safari, during holiday, there could be around 10,000 visitors. Don't miss the panda.Taman Safari in Cisarua, Puncak is a conservation center as well as a modern zoological garden. This zoo is well known for its Jurassic Park style tour, where visitors get to drive from one location to another, as well as to feed the animals from your car. They also have a couple of animal show exhibiting different animals, such as komodos, rhinoceros, elephants, tigers​, and anoas. For more information:
Website: https://tamansafaribogor.com/
Tel: (0251) 825-0000