Company Training - Conduct a perfect training

What types of training can be held in Puncak ?

There are many different types of company training. Some trainings are focusing on soft skills, while others will emphasize technical knowledge. Some prefers to sit indoor inside a meeting room, while others like to have outdoor activities. Palm Kartika can cater various training needs. We have spacious meeting room and multi-purpose hall for indoor activities. If you like to have outdoor activities, we also have large grass field. As for group size, large or small group, we have multiple sizes of meeting rooms and outdoor fields.

Which equipments are available ?

We have standard audio visual equipment, such as inFocus projector, stereo speakers, and microphone. Training instructor can play the slides from his or her laptop during the training session. All of our meeting rooms are also fully air-conditioned.

How about personalized layout ?

Organizer can request for personalized layout in the meeting room. You can choose to have classroom layout, U-shape seating arrangement, etc.

Preparation for training

We have onsite team to assist you in case you need to set up the training. Our friendly staffs are always ready to assist our customers. We will try our best to help our guests to sucessfully conduct their training at Palm Kartika Resort

Things to consider when organizing a training:

  1. Number of participants: We need to understand how many attendees are participating for training. It's an important factor as we can suggest the suitable choice for meeting room size and room selection.
  2. Customized meeting room layout: Our staffs can set up the meeting room layout according to your training needs.
  3. Meals and Coffee break: Organizer can choose different item from our food menu. In addition, we will coordinate with the organizer on the timing, when the meals and snacks should be served.

Other things to consider

Training is an essential factor in employee's productivity at work. Whenever there is a new policy or new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), we need to educate or socialize it. Instead of conducting training in downtown area, we should consider to hold the training in Puncak where employees can learn in better environment. It's surrounded with trees and grass, as well as nice mountain scenery. As soon as you step outside the meeting room in Palm Kartika, you can straight away smell the fresh air. It can help the brain to absorb information.