Things to consider for School Retreat

How frequent should a retreat be held ?

Retreat can be held for various groups, such as school, church, etc. In the school, the retreat can be conducted once a year for graduating class, such as SD kelas 6, SMP kelas 3, SMA kelas 3. In the church, it depends on the need, congregation size, and theme. Church can organize several group retreats in a year, depends on the targeted audience.

Which activities during a retreat?

Different activities can be planned for a retreat. We should consider the purpose of the retreat before planning it. It will impact the consideration in choosing the venue. We may need to have customized meeting room layout, such as table and chair arrangement. As some groups prefer to sit on the floor, we may need to set up carpet in the meeting room. Our staff is ready to set up personalized arrangement for your retreat.

How about the facility ?

The meeting room is equipped with sound board, microphone, and speakers which can be used for singing and praying. In addition, we can also provide inFocus presentation projector

Our meeting room and restaurant are all within walking distance. They are nearby to each other, convenient for participants to walk. All of our facilities are also near to the guest rooms.

While walking between different facilities, guests can enjoy nature view, fresh air, and grass. As soon as you enter the premises, you feel refreshed and relaxed.