Facility - Puncak Resort

Palm Kartika provides facilities for all types of guest - corporate, family, or school, promising an exciting mix of sports and leisure. Whether you simply want to relax or exercise your body, we can assist you to plan suitable activities for your group.

Outbound area
We have large area for outdoor group activities, such as team building, fun games, etc. You can smell the freshness of air every morning when our staff cut the grass and trees. Enjoy the jogging track, admire the garden, sit inside gazebo, or take a walk in our well-maintained garden.

Multipurpose Activity Hall
Our spacious multi-purpose hall can handle large group activities, games, or sports. It is an indoor court with high-ceiling roof, where you can play all day long whether it's raining or sunny day, or simply get shade from the hot sunlight. We present exciting activities ranging from the challenging, casual fun, serious but relaxed.

Swimming Pool (Adult & Kids)
A favorite gathering spot is the swimming pool, which is the center of activities for family gathering with kids. Take a refreshing dip during afternoon break in our freshwater outdoor pools, one standard-size pool for adult and another one for kids. It offers a great safe place to families when they need to burn some energy and play!

Dining Hall
To ensure that you’re satisfied, we serve meals all day long, from morning until sunset, in the Dining Hall. We provide extensive selection of Indonesian and local Sundanese cuisine from meeting package menu. Our staff cooks the food in the kitchen. Sufficient wooden table and chairs. Eat and enjoy the scenery from the top of the hill. In addition to breakfast/lunch/dinner, we also serve tea/coffee and snacks during morning and evening break.

Parking Lots
We have a lot of parking lots, can handle many private cars or several medium-size buses. Various locations - whether at our centralized parking location or guest can park next to the individual villa.

Fish ponds and water fountains
We have some fish in our ponds, you can relax and admire them in the evening.