Fun Family Gathering in Puncak Bogor

What is the ideal group size for family gathering ?

It depends. All the extended family members should be invited. It's the first thing we should consider before we organize as it will impact the budget, choice of venue, transportation, and food.

How do we choose a venue ?

We need to pick a venue with large outdoor area and meeting room. These two facilities are necessary items for hosting a family gathering. We should research which resort can provide large outdoor area and meeting room. It's also necessary to do site visit to confirm whether the venue is suitable.

What happen if it rains ?

Although Puncak is a favorite place for family gathering, it occasionaly rains. In addition to outdoor area, we also provide indoor multi-purpose hall that can be used to host group activities.

What are the things to consider for family gathering ?

  1. Spacious Parking: As most of the family members are using their private cars, it's very important to have spacious parking for cars. We have more than 40 parking lots throughout the resort area, enough for a large family gathering.
  2. All-in-one food package: We provide all-in-one food package for our guests to choose from. Family members do not have to cook food by themselves, they can relax and mingle together to enjoy family gathering. Our staff will prepare the meals and snack throughout the day for the guests.
  3. Large Meeting Room and Multi-purpose Hall: They can be used by our guests to conduct group activities together, such as fun games, family praying, group singing, etc
  4. Swimming Pool (Adult & Kids): It is the most popular area for family gathering activity, lots of fun games can be conducted there.

Any thing else ?

If you need anything, welcome to contact our reception office, we are always very happy to assist you.