Group Outbound in Puncak Bogor

What is Outbound ?

Outbound, the word itself, means "towards outside". Generally speaking, Outbound is a series of group activities to promote team spirit, teamwork, collaboration, and relationship. Instead of competing and focusing on attractive final prize, Outbound is focusing on the process to allow participants working and solving problems together.

Where is the best place for Outbound ?

Nothing specific, any spacious area for large group to do activities is suitable. It can be outdoor field, indoor meeting room, or multi-purpose sport hall. However, it's preferable to do it in an outdoor field for health reason. Research shows that walking barefoot on the grass can improve blood circulation and reduce stress or anxiety.

Who needs Outbound ?

Everyone needs to go for Outbound activity. Participants can go as a group, e.g. company outing, school retreat, family gathering.

What things to consider when we organize Outbound?

Budget, Location, Venue, Accomodation, Food, Outbound Instructor, etc. We recommend that annual budget should be set for company outing which can improve employee's teamwork and increase employee's morale.

What are the best locations for outbound?

People like to do Outbound in Puncak Bogor. It has nice weather for whole year round, neither too hot not too cold. The weather is a perfect fit to conduct physical activity comfortably.