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About Our Hotel

The story of Palm Kartika Resort Puncak is a intimate history for our family. It began as a private family resort in Puncak, since 1980s, where family members would gather together in relaxed environment. Our founder took personal interest and invested his time and effort throughout the project. Years passed by, we believe that everyone should also be able to enjoy the same experience.

Our Puncak hotel is strategically located in the heart of Puncak, near to Taman Safari Cisarua and other attractions in Bogor, less than 2 hours of driving from Jakarta. The distance between the Ciawi Toll exit and Palm Kartika Resort Puncak is only 14 kilometers. The Puncak villa is designed with a back-to-the-nature concept & spread over 5 hectares of lush green slopes of Puncak. Pampered by the cool weather, panoramic view of Mount Pangrango and Gede. Palm Kartika Resort Puncak provides a warm experience for the guests.