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Delicious Food in Puncak

Our banquet team is highly experienced to help your event in Puncak run smoothly. Palm Kartika Resort Puncak is a resort destination designed to meet needs and wants of meeting planner and attendee alike. The restaurant is something that you should not miss, especially if you are looking to taste good food and also enjoy incredible mountain view in Puncak.

We are famous for our delicious Chicken Curry and artistically crafted Fruit Platter. In addition, we are ready for all types of activities held in our place. With Karaoke and Sound System facilities, we can support all types of corporate / group events, such as Company Gathering, New Year's Eve Party, etc.


Nasi Ayam/Ikan Soup/Soto Sayuran
Nasgor Special Ayam Goreng Soto Ayam Tempe Bacem
Uduk Betawi Rendang Ayam Sayur Asem Cah Kombinasi
Lontong Lele Goreng Kari Ayam Kredok
Nasi Kuning Ayam Kecap Lodeh Tumis Buncis

We provide various Indonesian and local Puncak cuisine prepared by our experienced chefs. Only the freshest ingredient are used to ensure the quality and taste of the dishes.