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Facilities in our Puncak Hotel

Palm Kartika Resort Puncak offers a variety of facilities for our guests. A favorite vacation destination, you can take advantage of the cool, refreshing atmosphere of Cisarua, Puncak. We present exciting activities ranging from the challenging, casual fun, until a serious but relaxed.

  • Swimming Pool (Adult & Kids): A favorite gathering spot is the swimming pool, which is just cool enough to inspire vigorous exercise for the whole family. Enjoying an afternoon tea in our pool-side or playing with your family in our swimming pools, adult and kids swimming pool.
  • Kids Playground: Here at Palm Kartika Resort Puncak we love families and want everyone to enjoy their time with us. Our indoor playground offers the kids a great safe place when they need to burn some energy and play!
  • Outbound Area: We provide an large area to meet all your needs in organizing activities, such as fun games, outbound, or any group activities.
  • Multi-purpose Hall: Located next to the Swimming Pool, the Multi-Purpose Room can also be utilized as meeting place, activity hall, or prayer room.
  • Fish ponds and water fountains
  • Parking Lots: We have sufficient parking lots in various locations to fit in many cars and buses.
  • Trees and Grass: Enjoy lots of trees and fresh air. We have lots of garden, jogging track, and gazebo.